Web Design & Development

  • Fast loading websites on mobile phones and tablets
  • Secure technology to avoid hackers and malware attacks
  • Room for thousands of simultaneous web users.
  • Organized beautiful designs optimized to guide users to your site.
  • Maintainable underliying code to simplify future changes.
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Search Engine Optimization

  • User Modleing to Identify your perfect client or customer.
  • Search phrases embeded in your site to draw in your perfect match.
  • Technically correct coding to please the search engines.
  • Sturcture to make social media connections and web crawlers like your site.
  • Analytics to contantly improve your site ranking.
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Multimedia & Content Development

  • Strategic design and implementation of multimedia content.
  • Created by people that understand visual communication principles.
  • Architecture to effectively convey information in a compelling and accessible manner.
  • Optimizied multimedia assets across different devices and platforms. Not everyone has the same phone.
  • Delivery of multimedia content that aligns with the overall objectives of the website.
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Web Hosting

  • Websites with a robust online presence because anything less is unacceptable.
  • Pivotal technicial strategy to fortify your web or app infrastructure.
  • A paradigm shift towards expedited website performance because of our light weight platform.
  • Empowering your business to effortlessly accommodate fluctuating user demands without compromising performance.
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Secure Web Hosting with 99.9% Up-Time

Everything in one place on one platform...

As the founders of this company, we were driven by a deep desire to provide a solution to a common problem faced by businesses worldwide. Our journey began with witnessing the devastating impact that website crashes and downtime had on small and large enterprises alike. We understood firsthand the frustration, financial loss, and reputational damage that ensued when websites hosted on traditional platforms succumbed to cyber attacks or technical failures.

Motivated by our passion for technology and innovation, we set out to create a game-changing solution that would empower businesses to thrive without fear of website disruptions. Our goal was simple yet ambitious: to develop an indestructible Business Managed WordPress hosting service that could withstand any threat or challenge thrown its way. With unwavering determination and a team of skilled professionals by our side, we poured countless hours into research, development, and testing until we finally brought this revolutionary product to life.

Today, as we reflect on our journey and the heartache experienced by businesses struggling with unreliable hosting services, we are filled with pride knowing that our solution has made a tangible difference in the lives of many. The creation of an indestructible Managed WordPress hosting was not just about developing another product; it was about providing peace of mind, security, and stability to business owners who rely on their websites for success. Our emotional investment in this endeavor drives us every day to continue innovating and refining our service so that businesses can focus on growth and prosperity while leaving their website worries behind.

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Choose Your Service Plan

Monthly Package Sizes For Every Business

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  • Starter
  • $179.99
    per month
  • A managed WordPress hosting plan for small businesses. This provides the essential resources to host a website.
  • Daily Backups
  • Security & Malware Scans
  • WordPress Updates
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Monthly Maintence Report
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  • Business
  • $399.99
    per month
  • Experience seamless scalability with our Business Managed WordPress hosting, allowing your website to easily handle increased traffic and growing demands without any disruptions.
  • All of the Starter Plan Options
  • Monitor Plugin Update Status
  • Maintenance & Bug Fixes
  • Monitor & Fix Broken Links
  • Monthly Test Contact Forms
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  • Enterprise
  • $599.99
    per month
  • Elevate your business with Iron Clad Business Managed WordPress hosting, offering a comprehensive monitoring system for your website.
  • All Businness Plan Services
  • User Acquisition Report
  • Google My Business Report
  • Monitor Google Page Vitials
  • Google Search Monthly Status
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